RWD Beetle with a SR20DET

RWD VW Beetle with a turbo SR20DET inline-four

This 2000 Volkswagen Beetle gained a lot of attention when it debuted at Tokyo Auto Salon 2014. The compact car was converted to rear-wheel drive by installing the body over a Nissan S14 chassis. Under the hood sits a turbocharged 2.0 L SR20DET inline-four connected to the S14 five-speed manual transmission and differential. Ken Nomura … Read more

Custom VW Bug with a HEMI V8

Custom VW Bug with a 5.7 L HEMI V8

Justin Johnson only planned to chop the roof on this 1976 Volkswagen Bug at his company Lucky Gunner Garage but after six months of hard work it morphed into something completely different. The project starts with a body chopped six inches, sectioned seven inches, and channeled four inches. It sits on a custom tube chassis … Read more

VW Beetle Body on a Porsche Boxster Chassis

VW Beetle on a Porsche Boxster Chassis

Flat Specialities in Bréhal, France specializes in restoring Volkswagen and Porsche vehicles. The company is not afraid of combining the two. They are in the middle of the project that involves installing a Beetle body over Porsche Boxster underpinnings. The Boxster is a first generation model with a 2.5 L flat-six that makes 201 horsepower. … Read more