RB26/30 Powered Holden Torana LX

Video of Rob Velkovski’s RB26/30 powered Holden Torana LX going down the strip. Advertisements


2014 Lexus IS340

Phillip Chase and Evasive Motorsports created this 2014 Lexus IS340 for SEMA 2013. Under the hood is a 700 horsepower 2JZ motor stroked to 3.4 liters using a Brian Crower stroker kit and GTX3582R turbo. Video at SEMA 2013 Engine Specs Brian Crower 3.4L Stroker Kit with forged crank, forged rods and billet oil pump … Read more

Drag Turbo Toyota Starlet

This Toyota Starlet is powered by a Toyota frankenstien engine. The block is from a 1.5 L Paseo motor and the head is from a 1.3 L Starlet GT motor. The engine produces 400 horsepower thanks to a Turbonetics turbo pushing 28 psi of boost. Watch as it runs a 11.29 at 140 mph. Update … Read more

Mitsubishi 4G63 Powered Mustang

Fox Mustang powered by a Mitsubishi turbocharged 4G63 motor

Jesse Abele got tired of his monster 4G63 motor breaking his 1992 Eagle Talon so he swapped it into a Fox Mustang. The Mustang allowed him to run a much stronger drivetrain. The engine is pushing out 950 horsepower thanks to a BorgWarner 80 mm turbocharger making 56 psi of boost. Source: Dragzine and 1320 … Read more

LSA Powered Boat

The video below shows what is possible when you install a 6.2L supercharged LSA motor into a boat. Michigan Motorz created this beast and its probably the only one like it on earth. Source: LS1Tech