Project Binky Episode 4



Lamborghini Jalpa with a Supercharged LS1

Below are two videos of a 1988 Lamborghini Jalpa getting into the 10’s and then into the 9’s. The drivetrain consists of a Magnuson supercharged LS1 connected to a Toyota automatic transaxle. Update 2/16/2016 – Jalpa is now powered by a twin-turbo 383 ci stroker LS1 article here Source: Fullboost via TopSpeed

V12 from Two 1JZ Engines

I will be the first person to say I hope this is real and will see the finish line. Someone is developing a quad-turbo V12 using two Toyota 2JZ 1JZ inline-six engines. Combining two inline-six engines into a V formation has to be incredibly difficult. I can’t wait to see further progress. Updated: I added … Read more

240Z with a Turbo V6 in the Trunk

This appears to be a 240Z with a V6 (probably sourced from Nissan) and turbo sitting behind the seats. Unfortunately we do not know more about this project. If anyone knows more please contact us or leave a comment. Source: Oddimotive via OppositeLock