BMW E30 with a 870 hp Turbo M50 Inline-Six

BMW E30 with a Turbo M50 Inline-Six

Stig Bredesen from Buldre Racingteam uses his BMW E30 to compete in time attack and hill climb events. The car is powered by a turbocharged 3.0 L M50B25 inline-six that produces 870 horsepower and 965 Nm (711 lb-ft) of torque thanks to a Precision 6466 turbocharger, Life Racing F88RX ECU, and E85 fuel. Behind the … Read more

BMW E30 with a 722 hp Turbo 2JZ

BMW E30 with a 722 hp turbo 2JZ inline-six

This BMW E30 visited KMS Engine in Poland for some engine work. While there the company rebuilt the turbocharged 2JZ inline-six with Diamond 9:1 pistons, ZRP billet crankshaft, Brian Crower 272 camshafts and valve springs, and 850 cc injectors. The end result was 722 horsepower and 817 Nm (602 lb-ft) of torque from 1.5 bar … Read more

For Sale: BMW E36 with a 4.7 L M62 V8

BMW E36 with a 4.7 L M62 V8

This 1997 BMW E36 Compact will be auctioned in Messe Essen, Essen, Germany on March 26-27. The car was built by Hartge Brothers in 1999 for 146,000 DM (Deutsche Mark). The company replaced the factory motor with a 4.4 L M62B44 V8 bored to 4.7 liters and mated to a M3 Evo six-speed manual transmission. … Read more

BMW E46 with a 800 hp Turbo Barra

BMW E46 with a turbo Barra inline-six

Pontus Hartman from Hartman Drifting competes in Drift Masters European Championship (DMEC) with his BMW E46. The car is powered by a turbocharged 4.0 L Barra inline-six featuring CP-Carillo forged pistons and rods, BorgWarner S300SXE turbocharger, and Ecumaster ECU. Pontus estimates the engine is producing around 800 horsepower and 1000 Nm (737 lb-ft) of torque. … Read more

For Sale: 1994 BMW 325i with a 302 ci Windsor V8

1994 BMW 325i with a 302 ci Windsor V8

This 1994 BMW 325i is for sale in Watertown, South Dakota for $9,500. The engine bay holds a 302 ci Windsor V8 from a 1995 Mustang GT with ported Edelbrock heads, Ford Performance F-Cam, Comp vale springs, Trick Flow Chromoly pushrods, Ford Performance 1.72 ratio rocker arms, Weiand Stealth intake, and FiTech EFI system. The … Read more

BMW E30 with a 454 ci LSX V8

BMW E30 with a 454 ci LSX V8

MGarage Motorsport built this BMW E30 to drift at their company in Tarnobrzeg, Poland. The car is powered by 454 ci LSX V8 producing 600+ horsepower and 800+ Nm (590 lb-ft) of torque. The motor features an iron block with forged internals, aluminum LS7 port heads, and individual throttle bodies. Power is sent to the … Read more