AWD 1968 Camaro Goes 7.834

1968 Camaro with a twin-turbo V8 and AWD drivetrain

Marcin Blauth’s 1968 Camaro is very fast thanks to a lot of horsepower and an AWD drivetain. In our first article published in 2015, his best quarter-mile was 8.447 sec at 260.05 km/h (161.58 mph). Since then Marcin continues to work on the car and recently set a new personal best at Turboscheune Test & … Read more


LSx V12 Powered Camaro on the Dyno

1967 Camaro with a LSx V12

Mike Heim stopped by Evan’s Tuning with his 1967 Camaro. Mike was there to get his V12 LSx running a Haltech Elite 2500 ECU tuned. The engine was recently switched from dual carbs to an EFI system. After tuning the engine made 600+ horsepower at 5,800-6,000 rpm and 600 lb-ft of torque at 2,000 rpm … Read more

1987 Camaro with a Destroked LS7

1987 Camaro with a destroked LS7 V8

This 1987 Camaro rolled out of the factory with a V6 and automatic transmission. Thirty years later Detroit Speed transforms it into a test car for their line of 3rd generation F-Body suspension products. The Camaro’s new heart is a Mast Motorsports de-stroked LS7 V8 capable of 8,500 rpm. It features a Holley Dominator EFI … Read more

1967 Camaro with a LSA

1967 Camaro with a LSA V8

The owner of this 1967 Camaro has been working on it for the past six years. The factory V8 was replaced with a crate 6.2 L LSA V8 that makes 556-580 horsepower and 551-556 lb-ft of torque. Behind that sits a Tremec T-56 Magnum six-speed manual transmission. Besides the upgrade in power the car also … Read more