BMW E36 with a Turbo 1UZ V8

Dan Racing BMW E36 with a turbo 1UZ-FE V8

This BMW E36 was built for Dan Racing in Denmark by FUBAR Racing. Under the hood sits a turbocharged 4.0 L 1UZ-FE V8 which makes 479 horsepower at 5,200 rpm and 527 lb-ft (715 Nm) of torque at 3,800 rpm on 11.6 psi (0.8 bar) of boost. These engines are known for their strength and … Read more

For Sale: 1997 BMW E36 with a LS3

A very clean 1997 BMW M3 with a LS3 from a 2008 Corvette and T-56 six-speed manual transmission from a 2006 GTO. The engine was upgraded with a FAST 92 mm throttle body and produces 443 horsepower and 425 lb-ft of torque while getting the car 27-28 MPH highway. The car is for sale in … Read more

Two BMWs with 2JZ Supra Engines

Built by E-Shift Performance in New Jersey, this BMW E39 M5 sedan is powered by a single turbo 2JZ Toyota Supra engine. E-Shift Performance also built the other BMW swap which can be seen in the link below. There are a lot of comments over at Speedhunters. Most of the comments are… well negative. Source: … Read more