Unique Approach to Starting Line

VW Golf with a turbo VR6

What happens when you have sticky racing tires, strong brakes, front weight bias, and showmanship? You make your Golf’s front bumper kiss the ground at the starting line. The Golf Mk2 was built by Waldek Cars in Dresden, Germany and is powered by a turbocharged VR6. Please enjoy the stunting below. Source: Waldek Cars via … Read more

1,233 hp Golf Mk2 Goes 8.67

Boba Motoring Golf Mk2 with turbo 2.0 L ABF inline-four

We have covered many of Boba Motoring’s projects but nothing compares to their VW Golf Mk2. The monster hatch produces 1,233 horsepower from a turbocharged 2.0 L 16v ABF inline-four through a 4motion all-wheel drive system. As you might expect this combo makes for a very fast car. Watch as the Golf goes 8.67 sec … Read more

VW Golf with an Audi 2.0 L STW

VW Golf with an Audi 2.0 L STW inline-four

This VW Golf Mk1 is driven by Italian Egidio Pisano in European hill climb races. The factory engine was replaced with an Audi 2.0 L 16v inline-four. This engine was developed for Audi A4 racing in British Touring Car Championship and Super Tourenwagen Cup. The version in Egidio’s Golf produces 307 horsepower at 9,500 rpm … Read more

2013 Golf R with a Turbo Inline-Five

2013 Golf R with an Inline-Five

This 2013 Golf R was built by Thomas Kogut at Innovative Motorsports in Stratford, Connecticut. The original inline-four was replaced with a 2.5 L inline-five from a 2007 Rabbit. Engine upgrades include a 6262 turbocharger and United Motorsports ECU. To help the extra ponies reach the ground, the team also installed an DSG transmission and … Read more