1968 Jaguar with a Twin-Turbo Viper V10 Update

1968 Jaguar with a Twin-Turbo Viper V10

David Nonis continues to make progress on his wild Jaguar E-Type project. The Jaguar will have a smoother appearance thanks to firewall, wiper, and antenna holes being patched. Currently he’s building a custom dash out of Russian Birch topped with a Walnut Burl veneer that will resemble the factory dash. Inside the dash will be … Read more

Jaguar E-Type with a 20B Rotary Update

Jaguar E-Type with a Mazda 20B three-rotor

The team at Muttley Racing continue to hammer away on their Jaguar E-Type project since our previous article. The car now finds itself covered in green paint and a 20B three-rotor engine built by Triple B Engineering is finished and ready for installation. The project will also include a custom fuel tank built by the … Read more

For Sale: 1986 Jaguar XJ with a Big-Block V8

1986 Jaguar XJ with a Big-Block Chevy V8

If anyone is interested in building their own Draguar then this 1986 Jaguar XJ might be for you. It’s for sale in Edgerton, Wisconsin with an asking price of $4,500. The factory engine and transmission was replaced with a 454 ci big-block V8 and TH400 automatic transmission from a 1987 GMC Suburban. Although the Jaguar … Read more

1JZ Powered Jaguar E-Type at the Drag Strip

Jaguar E-Type with a 1JZ-GTE inline-six

Nick and Charlie Seward’s unique 1966 Jaguar E-Type went to Santa Pod Raceway’s Dragstalgia 2017 event to see what it could do. The 1JZ inline-six’s 478 horsepower and 490 lb-ft of torque on 23 psi (1.6 bar) of boost was good enough to set a new personal best of 11.03 sec at 129.04 mph. It … Read more

1968 Jaguar with a Twin-Turbo Viper V10

1968 Jaguar with a Twin-Turbo Viper V10

David Nonis was looking for something a little more exotic for his next project. Inspiration hit when he came across a 1968 Jaguar E-Type body and he turned to UTP Race Cars in Richmond, Michigan who specialize in pro-mod race cars to turn his idea into a Cobra killer. Jaguar’s factory chassis was strong enough … Read more

More Videos of the Jaguar E-Type with a 1JZ

Jaguar E-Type with a 1JZ inline-six

Last year we wrote about an Jaguar E-Type that was brought back to life by the talented fabricators at Charlie’s Classic & Custom Body & Paint Shop. They opted for a unique powertrain consisting of a 2.5 L 1JZ inline-six connected to a BMW 330d manual transmission. We posted some videos of the car running … Read more