Jaguar Race Car with a Quad-Turbo V12

Jaguar XK120 race car with a quad-turbo V12

This custom Jaguar race car was built by Sam Lyle for owner Warwick Hickling in New Zealand. The carbon fiber and fiberglass body which is based on a 1953 Jaguar XK120 sits over a custom tubular chassis. The engine is a 5.3 L V12 from a Jaguar XJ-S H.E. that features a XJ-S Pre H.E. … Read more

For Sale: 1981 Jaguar XJ with a Turbo 1JZ Inline-Six

1981 Jaguar XJ with a Turbo 1JZ inline-six

This 1981 Jaguar XJ is for sale (listing removed) in Wrocław, Poland for 59,999 PLN or about $16,262. The British car is powered by a rebuilt 2.5 L 1JZ inline-six with a Holset turbocharger that makes 493 horsepower (500 PS). The listing is short on details but some of the other upgrades include custom exhaust, … Read more

Jaguar E-Type with a BMW V8

Jaguar E-Type with a BMW S65 V8

About a year ago Pipey McGraw from Muttley Racing started building a Jaguar E-Type with a naturally aspirated three-rotor engine. The team decided to change power plants over the winter. Out went the rotary and in went a 4.0 L S65 V8 from a BMW E92 M3. There is still more work needed before the … Read more

Jaguar E-Type with a 20B Rotary Runs

Jaguar E-Type with a Mazda 20B three-rotor

Pipey McGraw debuted his unique Jaguar E-Type at the Shelsley Walsh hillclimb. Although the engine is running a rich map and kept below 3,500 rpm it still made its presence known through the straight exhaust pipe exiting the passenger-side fender. Update 9/3/2017 – Photos of the Jaguar at the Retro Rides Gathering by Speedhunters A … Read more

1968 Jaguar with a Twin-Turbo Viper V10 Update

1968 Jaguar with a Twin-Turbo Viper V10

David Nonis continues to make progress on his wild Jaguar E-Type project. The Jaguar will have a smoother appearance thanks to firewall, wiper, and antenna holes being patched. Currently he’s building a custom dash out of Russian Birch topped with a Walnut Burl veneer that will resemble the factory dash. Inside the dash will be … Read more