Building a Lada 2103 with a 1UZ V8 on a Tubular Chassis

Lada 2103 with a 1UZ V8 and tubular chassis

Buffalo Builds Design & Fabrication is a company in Plymouth, England specializing in automotive restoration and architectural metalwork. For the past year they’ve been working on “Project Tovarishch”, a custom 1973 Lada 2103 built to cruise the streets. The body rides on a tubular chassis with Mazda MX-5 control arms, steering, and brakes. Power will … Read more

VAZ-2101 with a Toyota 1JZ-GTE

VAZ-2101 with a turbo 1JZ-GTE inline-six

This 1982 VAZ-2101 was built to drift by Vanya Bratko in Russia. The factory inline-four has been replaced by a turbocharged 2.5 L 1JZ-GTE VVTi inline-six making 300 horsepower. The radiator was relocated to the trunk to make enough room in the engine bay for the inline-six. Power is sent to the rear wheels through … Read more

VAZ-2110 with a 1300 hp Turbo Three-Rotor

VAZ-2110 with a turbo three-rotor

Elshan Aslanov (Асланов Эльшан) competes for LUKOIL Racing Team in his very special VAZ-2110 (Lada 110). The car was powered by a turbocharged Lada VAZ-4132 1308 cc two-rotor until 2015. After that he switched to a turbocharged 1962 cc three-rotor that makes 1300 horsepower. The engine features Garrett GTX5533 Gen2 turbocharger, dry sump system, and … Read more

AWD Lada Niva with a Turbo V8

4WD Lada Niva with a Turbo Chevy V8

VTG is a company in Warszawa, Poland known for making very fast AWD vehicles. Their newest creation is a Lada Niva built in six months for Oleg Vorvul from Ukraine. Under the hood sits a turbocharged 387 ci (6.34 L) Chevy V8 making around 850 horsepower. The engine features a Dart block with a 4.125-inch … Read more

Lada 2106 with a Lancia Turbocharged Inline-Five

Lada 2106 with a Lancia turbo inline-five

This Lada 2106 is receiving a powertrain upgrade thanks to TRS Racing in Częstochowa, Poland. The sedan lost its factory inline-four for a turbocharged 2.0 L 20v inline-five from a Lancia Kappa. They had to modify the oil pan and fabricate custom mounts to install the engine. Its mated to a ZF six-speed transmission from … Read more

Lada Riva with Four Engines

Lada Riva with Four Engines

Garage 54 is back to prove the meaning of diminishing returns with their multi-engine Lada Riva project. If you thought they would deviate from their formula of “add more engine” then you are wrong. In the previous video the team installed a third engine and raised the total displacement to 4.0 liters. In this video … Read more