AWD Lada Niva with a Turbo V8

4WD Lada Niva with a Turbo Chevy V8

VTG is a company in Warszawa, Poland known for making very fast AWD vehicles. Their newest creation is a Lada Niva built in six months for Oleg Vorvul from Ukraine. Under the hood sits a turbocharged 387 ci (6.34 L) Chevy V8 making around 850 horsepower. The engine features a Dart block with a 4.125-inch … Read more

Lada 2106 with a Lancia Turbocharged Inline-Five

Lada 2106 with a Lancia turbo inline-five

This Lada 2106 is receiving a powertrain upgrade thanks to TRS Racing in Częstochowa, Poland. The sedan lost its factory inline-four for a turbocharged 2.0 L 20v inline-five from a Lancia Kappa. They had to modify the oil pan and fabricate custom mounts to install the engine. Its mated to a ZF six-speed transmission from … Read more

Lada Riva with Four Engines

Lada Riva with Four Engines

Garage 54 is back to prove the meaning of diminishing returns with their multi-engine Lada Riva project. If you thought they would deviate from their formula of “add more engine” then you are wrong. In the previous video the team installed a third engine and raised the total displacement to 4.0 liters. In this video … Read more

Lada Riva with Three Engines

Lada Riva with a three inline-four engines

Garage 54 was curious how much faster they could make a Lada Riva by bolting two inline-four engines together. You can watch how well it went in our previous article. The team decided if two engines are good, surely three engines are even better. So after modifying their engine cradle, the team installed another motor … Read more

Lada Riva with Two Engines

Lada Riva with a two inline-four engines

Garage 54 wanted to find out how much faster a Lada Riva could accelerate with another engine. They started by sourcing a second inline-four from a Lada 2101. They welded the front pulley from the rear engine to the pressure plate of the front engine. Then they built a simple cradle out of square tubing … Read more

Lada 2101 with a Niva Inline-Four

Lada 2101 with a Niva 1.6 L inline-four

Tamás Tomcsányi is a racer from Budapest, Hungary who competes in European hill climb with his special Lada 2101. The 870 kg (1918 lb) sedan is powered by a naturally aspirated 1.6 L inline-four from Lada Niva with forged internals, Hayabusa injection system, and MoTec ECU. It makes 180 horsepower at 9,200 rpm and sends … Read more