VW Beetle with a Honda CBR1000RR Engine

1971 VW Beetle with a Honda CBR1000RR inline-four

Jørn Tangen turned some heads when he took his 1971 Volkswagen Beetle called “1302 RRR” from his home in Drammen, Norway to Gatebil 2016. The Beetle’s powertrain consists of a 999 cc inline-four and six-speed transmission from a Honda CBR1000RR motorcycle. The engine produces around 175 horsepower and 103-112 lb-ft of torque depending on which … Read more

1966 VW Beetle with a Turbo 13B

1966 VW Beetle with a turbo Mazda 13B

Mario Markakis stopped by Jay Leno’s Garage recently to show off his 1966 Volkswagen Beetle. Mario originally purchased the Beetle with a 1600 cc flat-four that he later turbocharged. After getting only 125 horsepower out of the combo he decided to go a different route. He settled on a 1.3 L Mazda 13B from a … Read more