1979 Ford Falcon with a Turbo Barra

1979 Ford Falcon with a turbo Barra inline-six

This 1979 Ford Falcon XD was built by Danny Probert at Xdrift Industries in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia to compete in drifting. Under the hood sits a turbocharged Barra inline-six from a 2016 Falcon FG that features Atomic Performance cams and girdle kit, Wilson 3-inch throttle body, Atomic dry sump with Peterson 4-stage pump, Garret … Read more

Ford Falcon with a Twin-Turbo 427 V8

1970 Ford Falcon with a Twin-Turbo 427 V8

Steve Bezzina has turned his 1970 Ford Falcon XW into a drag racing monster capable of a 7.08 sec quarter-mile at 203.58 mph. Helping the 3,750 lb car reach that kind of speed is a 427 ci Windsor V8 built by Dandy Engines in Victoria, Australia. The engine comprises of a Dart block, CHI C400 … Read more

Coyote Swap Kit for Classic Fords

Ford Falcon XY with a Coyote Aluminator XS

RRS (Revelation Racing Supplies) is a company in New South Wales, Australia that builds performance parts for 60’s, 70’s and 80’s Ford vehicles. Recently the company debuted their Coyote swap kit. This kit will allow you to install a Coyote based engine into Australian made Falcon XK-XF or Fairlane ZA-ZL and US made 1964–73 Mustang, … Read more