Nissan SR20DET Powered Toyota Celica

This 1st Gen. Toyota Celica is owned by Daijiro Inada and was built by Garage Boso. Out went the original four cylinder and in went a Nissan SR20DET with a five speed transmission. The entire front suspension is swapped from a S13 and there are future plans to swap the rear suspension from a S13 … Read more

LS1 Powered 1985 Celica GTS

This 1985 Celica GTS has been a daily driver for the last three years. The owner has swapped the factory engine with a LS1 and T56 transmission from a 2001 Camaro. The engine has been been on a dyno and shown to provide 344 horsepower and 351 torque. The Celica weighs 2900lbs and is reported … Read more

Toyota FJ45 with a Nascar V8

This custom Toyota FJ45 has a swapped Nascar Toyota V8 which puts out 800 horsepower. The engine has a four speed manual transmission bolted to it. The bed was completely custom built to fit. The rear suspension features leaf springs and a 4-link suspension. The body is chopped, channeled, and narrowed. Many vents and other … Read more

Toyota MR2 with Two Jet Turbines

1991 Toyota MR2 with two jet turbines

ToyJunkies removed the factory engine in this 1991 Toyota MR2 and installed two GE T58 turboshafts. The team converted the turboshaft engines into jet engines which mean they provide movement through exhaust thrust. The wild car was recently sold on eBay for $20,100. If anyone knows anything more on this project please contact us or … Read more

AWD Turbo Celica

This is Fensport’s sick AWD Gen.7 Celica . Fensport wanted to create an auto that had the capability to handle road courses and drag. They were able to secure a 7 TRD M Sport which is factory strengthened and lighter for racing. The engine for this swap was a 3SGTE which can be found in … Read more