Porsche 911 with Some Bowtie in the Trunk

Talk about a tight fit. This Porsche 911 has a supercharge LS1 V8 stuffed in the back replacing the original flat 6. One might think that the V8 would be heavier but thanks to a lot of aluminum the LS1 is lighter then the original engine the driver shaved off around 21 pounds total. No … Read more

Batman’s Tumbler Runs Off Detroit Power

It seems with all the sophisticated technology Lucius Fox had at his fingertips he still decided to use dependable American small block to power Bruce Wayne’s Tumbler. The movie required the vehicle to all the stunts so it had to do a 0-60 in 5 seconds, be able to do 100 mph, and light enough … Read more

Saturn Sky with an Electric Motor

Advanced Mechanical Products AMP Electric Saturn Sky

Advanced Mechanical Products (AMP) offers an electric Saturn Sky conversion for around $25,000. You will have to provide the car but if you have the money they will replace your engine with 2 electric motors (one for each back wheel) and a bunch of lithium phosphate batteries. Current performance numbers shows the Sky goes 0-60 … Read more

ATS Chicane Phase 1

American Touring Specialties just completed phase 1 on this 1968 Camaro. After destroying the original Powerglide transmission they swapped it with a T56 from a LT1 combo using ATS’ own kit. Also included was Sparco seats, 4 point roll cage, Detroit Speed & Engineering subframe connectors, upgraded rear suspension, upgraded front disk brakes from Baer, … Read more