Ford Focus with a Turbo 5.3 L V8

Inside this 2003 Ford Focus ZX3 sits a 5.3 L LSx V8. The engine has been upgraded with a LS9 camshaft, LS1 intake, 60 lb injectors and a 76 mm Master Power turbocharger. Behind that is a TH400 four-speed automatic with 10″ Marty Chance converter connected to a Ford 8.8″ rear end with 3.27 gears. … Read more

1978 Mustang with a Triton V10

This widebody 1978 Mustang II is called “Mustang Evolution” and was built by A-Team Racing in Oregon. Besides the upgraded looks the car features a very large Triton V10. The aftermarket for Tritons are small so everything on the engine is custom. To make room for the larger engine the front wheels were moved forward … Read more

1968 Mustang with a Turbo 2JZ Inline-Six

side of 1968 Mustang with 2JZ engine swap

A project like this will either invoke a lot of love or hate. This 1968 Ford Mustang is powered by a turbocharged 3.0 L 2JZ inline-six making 730 horsepower to the wheels on 30 psi of boost. The engine features a stock head, HKS 272 camshafts, 67 mm turbocharger and sends power through a TH400 … Read more

Mitsubishi 4G63 Powered Mustang

Fox Mustang powered by a Mitsubishi turbocharged 4G63 motor

Jesse Abele got tired of his monster 4G63 motor breaking his 1992 Eagle Talon so he swapped it into a Fox Mustang. The Mustang allowed him to run a much stronger drivetrain. The engine is pushing out 950 horsepower thanks to a BorgWarner 80 mm turbocharger making 56 psi of boost. Source: Dragzine and 1320 … Read more