SR20 Powered Toyota Celica

This is Hideo Itakura’s SR20 powered drift Celica. You can always expect fireworks from readers when someone’s swap uses an engine which is not from the same manufacturer as the body. Source: SpeedHunters

LSx Engine Swap Challenge

Car Craft and Holley will be selecting two teams of four or less members to compete against each other in an engine swap contest. The two teams will have to swap a running non-LSx motor for a LSx engine. Whoever can complete the swap first and drive the car wins the contest and the engine. … Read more

Toyota MR2 with LS6 V8

Soon a California resident is going to get a MR2 with a LS6 shoehorned in the back. The car is still in the building stages. We hope to hear a lot more about this build and performance numbers. There is no loss for discussion in the comments section at Speedhunters over this swap. Go over … Read more

1963 Nova Wagon with LS3

The Cota Brothers have recently completed installation of a LS3 in a 1963 Nova Wagon. The stock clip and steering box was used as well as equal length headers and power brakes. No sheet metal was cut to install motor or 4l65E transmission. All together the Nova weighs 2985 pounds. Without a tune the motor … Read more