1976 Ferrari Dino With A Twin-turbo Chevy V8

Projects can take different directions and sometimes with different owners. In its current form this 1976 Ferrari Dino houses a twin-turbo 4.8L (LR4) iron-block Gen3 SBC. The engine is mated to a Subaru five-speed transaxle with upgraded PPG gears. The engine will gain a nice flat-plane crank sound thanks to some hand-made 180 degree headers. … Read more

Mustang GT With A Large Turbocharged Chevy V8

A video of a fourth-gen Mustang GT with a 632 ci big-block Chevy V8 and a massive 106mm turbocharger going down the quarter-mile. I wasn’t able to find anymore information than what is provided on the video. I would love to post a picture of the engine if anyone knows more about it. Source: FullBoost

Who Will Build The First Dart Hellcat?

Dodge may not want to build a Dart Hellcat but someone out there does. Sure it will probably require the entire engine bay and firewall to be destroyed along with major changes to the drivetrain layout, the steering system, and front suspension. But this is what turns heroic builders into legends. Who will be the … Read more

Volvo 242DL Powered By A Gen3 Viper V10

Joachim Muri originally wanted to build a MK2 Golf but changed his mind after driving a friend’s Volvo 244. Soon after that he found his very own 1978 Volvo 242DL. His first engine swap was a 383 ci Chevy V8. It provided the Volvo with enough power for Joachim to enjoy but he eventually grew … Read more

Jeep FC-150 with a LS1

Like many projects featured on our site, if your a purist you probably want to turn away now. This is a 1961 Jeep FC-150 built by West Side Electrical and Industrial Supply. The body sits over a new frame, LS1 engine, and air bag Corvette suspension. Source: West Side Electrical via LSxTV

Mini Cooper with a Porsche 944 Powertrain

This Mini Cooper was built by Tachyon Performance in Louisville, Kentucky. They built the Mini on a tube chassis with a complete Porsche 944 powertrain. If the engine is stock, then output is anywhere from 217-250 horsepower. However if the engine and/or turbo was upgraded, there is no telling how much power this little thing … Read more