For Sale: Complete S15 Drivetrain

If someone is looking for a complete turbocharged SR engine swap with a six-speed transmission you are in luck. A member over at Zilvia is selling the $19,000 entire drivetrain for $11,000. If no buyer steps forward after two months the owner plans on parting out the drivetrain. Source: Zilvia

Honda CR-Z with K20 Swap

LHT Performance has taken a CR-Z and swapped out the hybrid engine system for a K20. LHT Performance made news previously for swapping a K series engine into a Honda Insight. They claim this is the first CR-Z + K20 swap to have all factory features work such as AC, power steering, ABS, etc. Expect … Read more

Nissan S15 with Mazda 20B Motor

This S15, named Sublime, has a turbocharged three rotor Mazda 20B. The large turbo is a GT47R and helps the engine produce 705 horsepower. The transmission is a Supra R154 five speed. The project took three years and $90,000. If anyone else knows more please comment. Source: Autoholics and Free Style Rides