Holley’s 1967 Chevy C10 Shop Truck

Holley stopped by Jay Leno’s Garage to show off their beautiful 1967 Chevy C10 shop truck. The truck runs a hot cam LS3 crate motor with a GM Performance Parts mutltiport 4BBL. The transmission is a T-56 six-speed connected to a Spec Stage 3 clutch. Source: Jay Leno’s Garage and Holley’s forum

1970 Chevelle with a LS3 V8

1970 Chevelle with 585 horsepower LS3 V8

The Roadster Shop is responsible for this very mean looking pro-touring 1970 Chevelle. The body sits over a full Roadster Shop FAST TRACK chassis with a four-link rear suspension. The engine is a 585 horsepower LS3 with a top-mounted throttle body. This seems to be very popular now in this classics. It gives you a … Read more

Chevy Cavalier with a Mid-engine Ecotec Swap

Ben Wootson started with a 2000 Cavalier convertible and over the past several years has transformed it into something crazy. Just about every type of major mod someone can do on a car has been done. The engine was swapped from a 2.4L LD9 to a 2.2L L61. Then the motor was moved from the … Read more

Nu Big Thing Back At The Strip

The video says this was the first time down the strip since owner Mark Cryer and son Nick Cryer installed a new engine and clutch on the Smart car. They are still working on the clutch but the car ran a 10.61 second at 127.43 mph. The video shows a lot of the car up … Read more

1952 MG TD With A Subaru EJ22

I would never say any engine swap is “easy” but some have been completed so many times they are considered straight-forward. For example the very popular Subaru EJ22 into a VW Bettle is generally considered one of those “straight-forward” swaps. Thousands have been completed and you can find a lot of resources online. The EJ22 … Read more