1987 BMW with Nissan RB26

It is always fun to read people’s comments on a swap such as this. BMW purists will absolutely hate this swap. Either way this owner decided to take a 1987 BMW 325IS and swap a Nissan RB26DETT into it. The BMW uses a modified RB26DETT transmission and an E30 M3 LSD. I sure hope the … Read more

Two BMWs with 2JZ Supra Engines

Built by E-Shift Performance in New Jersey, this BMW E39 M5 sedan is powered by a single turbo 2JZ Toyota Supra engine. E-Shift Performance also built the other BMW swap which can be seen in the link below. There are a lot of comments over at Speedhunters. Most of the comments are… well negative. Source: … Read more

1996 BMW Z3 with a LS1 V8

1996 BMW Z3 with a LS1 V8

Hasan Motorsports has always enjoyed the great feel and handling of a BMW Z3. But soon a condition known as torque fever started to develop. The first attempt at treating this alignment was by installing a supercharger kit. This only provided slight relief but didn’t give any long-term cure. Hasan finally realized the only acceptable … Read more

Franken M3

Piper Motorsports is taking the last steps to finishing up their Franken M3 project. Using a 1988 BMW M3 Piper Motorsports swapped the standard 192 horsepower 2.3 L inline-four to a 507 horsepower 5.0 L V10 from a BMW E60 M5. To be able to shoehorn such an engine Piper Motorsports had to take the … Read more

BMW 535 Swap Video Tutorial

GeezersGarage is back with segment 12 of his on going tutorial series of swapping a LH6 (LSX family) into a old BMW. Again his focus is on factory parts to keep the cost down. Make sure to check out the rest of his videos here.