1984 Mugen CRX with a Twin-turbo S2000 Powertrain

An ESD reader pointed use to this amazing 1984 Mugen CRX converted to RWD with a twin-turbo S2000 powertrain swap. I don’t know much more besides what I could gather from the images. For the full gallery click the source link below. If anyone knows more please leave a comment. Source: Ayman Sindi’s Facebook Page … Read more

Acura Powered S2000 Will Race Pikes Peak 2014

A Honda S2000 powered by a Acura 3.7L V6 will run at Pikes Peak 2014. The car will race in the “Time Attack” class and be driven by Sage Marie. The car was built by Honda Performance Development and has 307 horsepower and 270 lb-ft of torque. More information about the build. Source: Honda

1000 Horsepower Mazda R100

Australia is known for it’s rotary engine builds and Joe Signorelli’s RotorMaster 1969 Mazda R100 proves this. under the hood is a 1,000 horsepower 13B rotary monster and a huge Precision 8285 turbo. Since this is a serious drag car the transmission is a G-Force Pro Series GF-2000 clutch-less five-speed. Click the source link below … Read more

Mazda RX-8 With A Twin-turbo LS2

A friend posted progress on an amazing drift RX-8 out of Finland on our Facebook page. The power plant will be a twin-turbo LS2 which is good for around 600 horsepower during this summer with the ultimate goal of 1,000+ horsepower by summer 2015. I can’t wait to see video of this beast going around … Read more

Lamborghini Engines Are Not Cheap

I always wondered what a modern Lamborghini engine went for. Now I know. Lamborghini Aventador engine $153,740.60 Lamborghini Murcielago engine $163,426.63 Someone out there with a Scrooge McDuck size bank account please buy one of these and stick it into a Porsche 911. Just so we can watch the internet explode. Source: OppositeLock