The Widebody V8 Powered Porsche 911 DV8

Nick Fousekis set out to take a 996 C2 Carrera chassis and turn it into an amazing sport coupe. Called the 911 DV8, this Posrche features a LS7 V8 using a Renegade Hybrids swap kit built by Race Tech Services. The quote below from the official 911DV8 website explains the goal of this project. So … Read more

Supra with a Twin-Turbo BBC V8

Mark IV Toyota Supra with twin-turbo 526 ci big-block Chevy V8

This is Michael Kalaitzakis’ Toyota Supra Mk4 which runs in Outlaw Radial class. The Supra runs a 526 ci Chevy big-block V8 with two 91 mm turbochargers making around 22 psi of boost. The videos below show it running a best of 7.04 at 223 mph. Source: QuickBitz via FullBoost Youtube channel

Defined Autoworks’ Nissan 240SX

1997 Nissan 240SX With A LS1

Defined Autoworks specializes in rotary powered cars. This 1997 Nissan 240SX previously had a three-rotor engine but someone offered the owner a price he couldn’t refuse. So out went the three-rotor and in went a LS1 from a 2002 Camaro SS. The engine runs a LS6 intake, ASA cam, LS6 valve springs, LS7 lifters, and … Read more

The 1932 AWD Ford Roadster Called Double Down

We posted about this build last year when it made its debut at SEMA 2013. Back then it was mostly wheels and bare body. Since then Bryan Fuller Hot Rods has completed installing the 820 horsepower Ford Boss built by Kurt Urban. Bryan got the idea for the car after seeing Emmett Burton’s unfinished ’32 … Read more

1961 Ford F-100 Wrapped Around A Mercedes 300D

If you know more about metal work than engine work, you might want to go the same route this builder did, take a 1961 Ford F-100 body and wrap it around a 1985 Mercedes 300D sedan. This created a classic truck with a turbo diesel, independent front and rear suspension, four-speed automatic transmission, full Mercedes … Read more