Porsche Rumored To Bring Back The Flat-Eight

Porsche is rumored to be powering the new 988 with a 4.0L flat-eight engine. Porsche engineers were quoted saying 4.2 liters is the upper limit of flat-six motors because the weight of some internals gets to be too much. The rumor also states the new engine is being tested with four turbos producing over 600 … Read more

Toyota Van Powered By A 1500 Horsepower LSX

This is probably the fastest 1993 Toyota Tarago on earth. Clearly not your average engine swap. This van has been modified to wrap around the huge motor and make serious passes down the strip. Under the “hood” is a 1500+ horsepower twin-turbo 454ci LSX V8. The engine was built by Grunt Power and features CP … Read more

Mazda RX-7 With A Nissan SR20VET

You find some wild builds at the top of time attack racing. Every modification is to reduce the time it takes the car to complete one lap. Christian Valtonen of Voltonen Motorsport in Finland has built one extreme 1995 RX-7. The RX-7 started its racing life representing Falken in 2009 as a drift car. Christian … Read more

BMW X5 Powered by a Le Mans V12

While surfing the internet I came across BMW’s custom X5 LM. Essentially they took an X5 and installed a 700 horsepower, 6.0L V12 from their Le Mans LMR race car. They completed this project many years ago but this is the first time I have heard of it. It sure sounds amazing going around the … Read more

Porsche 996 with a LS6 V8

You are looking at a 1999 Porsche 996 that has seen a rough life. This 911 has had eight previous owners. One or maybe all the previous owners contributed to a list of issues including hitting a guard rail which is why the body has newer model panels. The owner priced different power plant options … Read more

Opel Kadett with a 685 hp Ecotec

The tuning company WKT in Germany took the 1.6L out of a Opel Kadett E and installed a 2.0L Ecotec. It is running over 35 psi of boost, producing around 685 horsepower. Watch as the proven formula of very light car plus high turbo motor does well at the drag strip. Source: WKT Facebook page … Read more