For Sale: 2011 Taurus SHO 3.5L Twin Turbo V6

There is a brand new 2011 3.5L twin turbo Ford Taurus SHO V6 is for sale on eBay. The current buy it now price is $10,000 or you can make an offer for the engine as well. The seller claims this includes both turbos, ecu, and automatic transmission. Seller also seems to have a good … Read more

1970 Spectre Camaro

Spectre Performance‘s founder Amir Rosenbaum didn’t really know what to do with his 1970 Camaro. In came the talented people of Campbell Auto Restoration. Out of that collaboration was born a Pro-Touring 1970 Camaro with styling cues from a 1974 IROC race car and modern race performance. Campbell Auto Restoration started by swapping a modern … Read more

How Long Before 2JZ Swapped FT-86

It is only a matter of time before someone does it. The question is who will be the first and how long do you think it will take for someone to swap a 2JZ into the production model FT-86? My guess is three months. Source: Jalopnik

Toyota 2JZ Powered 1990 Jaguar XJS

Aaron from Driftmotion took his 1990 Jaguar XJS and swapped out the tired V12 for a 2JZ-GTE from a Toyota Aristo. A custom $1100 adapter plate was used to connect the inline-six to the factory Turbo 400 transmission. The adapter allowed for most of the drivetrain to be kept. Source: Jaguar Forums

Rumors of Turbo Four-Cylinder Camaro

A GM Inside News’ forum member speculates GM will produce two turbo four-cylinder powered Camaros starting in 2016. The first will have 260 horsepower, six speed automatic transmission, and get 34/47 mpg. The second model will have 325 horsepower, six speed auto or six speed manual, and get 27/37 mpg. This is all rumors at … Read more