2007 Cayman S with 911 Carrera S Engine

Many owners love the shape of the Cayman but often wish it could have more power like it’s 911 brother. Larry Dye was one such owner except he decided to do something about it. Larry took his Cayman to Stephen Kaspar at Imagine Auto to swap a 3.8-liter X51 Carrera S crate motor. For intake … Read more

Supercharged Mustang Cobra Engine in Lincoln Mark VIII

Were tipped off by a reader to their 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII with a 2004 Mustang Cobra engine swap. The engine was upgraded with a Stiegemeier Stage VI supercharger. The Lincoln flows the exhaust out of Kooks coated headers, Lincoln Motor Sports X pipe and mufflers. The power is put down through a 4R70W Stage … Read more

Mazda RX-8 with a LS1 V8

Mazda RX-8 with a LS1 V8

This Mazda RX-8 from Iceland is powered by a 5.7 L LS1 V8 from a 2004 GTO. The project began after the RX-8 had a blown engine and took about 3 weeks in the owner’s spare time. The engine mounts are custom and they could only use the header from the right side of a … Read more

Supercharged Hemi Powered Mini

This Mini was spotted in Bennington Vermont at Hemmings Cruise In. Larry Audette was able to take this Mini and shoehorn a 392 Hemi V8 into the engine bay. A supercharger was added because well… why not. Although not mentioned in the article I would have to assume he converted it to a RWD since … Read more