Hayabusa Powered Miata Update

After a long rest the famous Miatabusa project has just posted an update (part 17) trying get the crank and flywheel to work in a harmonious relationship. For those who do not know this project started back in 2010 and features a Hayabusa engine mated to a custom upgraded transmission made to handle the extra … Read more

Two LS1 Heads into a Single Inline-Six Head

1962 Ford Falcon with inline-six motor with head made from two LSx heads

We have seen someone building a V12 out of two inline-six motors and another building a V10 out of two V8 motors. Here is someone making an inline-six head out of two LS1 heads. The builder had reached the limit of the old Ford 300 ci inline-six head after 40 years of racing with it. … Read more

Lexus IS300 with a Twin-turbo 5.3 L V8

This Lexus IS300 was built by Matt Owen and features a twin-turbo 5.3L Vortec LC9. This particular Gen4 small-block was chosen because it features the thickest liners of all the aluminum engines. The engine was built by Watts Shop and features Trick Flow heads and Precision Turbo 6266 turbos. The transmission is a TR6060 six-speed … Read more

Ferrari F355 with a Zytek V8

Ferraris are… well Ferraris. They don’t get modified. And if they do, they usually never receive an engine swap from another manufacturer. This particular one might receive a little bit more acceptance since it was done purely for racing. Owner and driver RenĂ© Ruch had reached the limit of the original 3.5L V8 and needed … Read more

Mitsubishi Evo With A Turbo LQ4 V8

Joakim Sturve had a burning desire to build a LSx powered vehicle. The first choice to receive the V8 swap was a BMW E28 but instead decided to purchase a 1993 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution roller. What started after that was a tough but very rewarding trip down LSx powered heaven. The first swap was a … Read more