Formula Drift Engine Bay Photos

Speedhunters posted a great gallery of engine bay pics featuring all kinds of monster engine swaps. Below are the vehicles featured in the gallery in order. Driver Car Engine HP Daijiro Yoshihar BRZ 477ci Racing Head Service LSx 950 Darren McNamara S14 410ci Dart Machinery SBC 1200 Micheal Essa BMW 3.2L S54 750 Forest Wang … Read more

Chris Jeanneret’s S2000 Drift Build

The Made to Drift series follows the build and testing of Formula Drift driver Chris Jeanneret’s Honda S2000 for the 2014 season. The car will feature a turbocharged K24 which is being built and maintained by SpeedFactory Racing. SpeedFactory Racing is known for making huge horsepower drag Hondas. Some articles are assuming this engine is … Read more